Wermo is a furniture factory with a 75-year history, which produces modern design furniture in a timeless Scandinavian style.

The company is located in a small town called Võru in the south of Estonia. Established in 1947 after the 2nd World War, our factory was one of the biggest furniture factories in Estonia, employing about 1000 people and shipping furniture all over the Soviet Union. After the collapse of the Soviet Union and re-independence of Estonia, the plant was privatized. Now, the factory is focused on the production of well-designed and high-quality home furniture, employing round 70 highy skilled workers inkl. updated machine park and shipping to well-known brands all over Europe and the US.

Wermo has introduced energy-saving technology. 30% of the energy required for production comes from our own solar park. Our materials come from sustainable forestry and the products are FSC® certified. Water-based paints and varnishes as well oils are used for finishing. All products are packed in a recyclable cardboard, and honeycomb cardboard is used to protect the product. Our aim is to reduce the ecological footprint to the possible minimum.

We follow the COC, social and environmental requirements and have been audited by ICS.




Põllu 12, 65620 Võru, Eesti
Phone +372 786 8115
E-mail: wermo@wermo.ee
Webpage: www.wermo.ee


Veneer - oak and walnut
Solid wood - oak, walnut, pine, juniper
MDF painting
French wicker
Metal in all types of finishing: painted, brass, copper, bronze, chrome, champagne brass
Finishing: Lacquer, paint, oil, stain, surface printing

Full range of modern production equipment

5 and 3 axis CNC
drill CNC
edgebanding machine
panel cutting saw
finger joint machine (for drawer boxes)
2 finishing lines for painting and lacquering:
water base finishing UV
PU roll UV line


Founded 1947
70 employees
5000 m2 facility in Võru, Estonia
Our materials come from sustainable forestry and the products are FSC certified