Corner sofa-bed Mia

Bestseller 2020

Corner sofa-bed
Built in clothes box

The frame is made of domestic, well-seasoned and knot-free softwood plus birch plywood and fiberboard.
Seat and inside arms are covered with fabric.
Outside arms, front panel and inside back are covered with fabric.
Zigzag springs.
Seat cushions are filled with high resiliency polyurethane foam core wrapped in soft polyester fibre. Back pillows are filled with polyurethane foam mix.
The finished back, so that the sofa can be placed in the middle of the room.
Colour of the legs is optional.

Price from 423 €
Price from 508 €
Water-repellent fabrics Pet friendly fabrics Fabrics

Transport within Estonia 50 €
The product is made on a special order and cannot be returned. When using the sofa for daily sleeping, it is necessary to use a covering mattress.


Võru Empak

Tootmine: Kubja tee 36, 65542 Võru
Tel: +372 782 1919

Nurgadiivan Mia

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